Maritime and Port
Critical Infrastructure Protection

a Public- and Private-Sector
Collaborative Partnership
Advancing Security Resilience

Physical, Cyber
Cognitive (Disinformation/Misinformation)

Situational Awareness

Multi-Directional Information Sharing -
Government (US DHS, US Coast Guard,
Other Critical Infrastructure Sectors

Security Situational Awareness Reports

Secure Military-Grade Encrypted Communications

Global Threat Intelligence Information Sharing & Response Infrastructure

IOC Correlation and Enhancement, Data Visualization and Reporting

Dynamic Real-Time "ACTIONABLE" Blocklists

Credential & Keyword Monitoring

Fraud Detection and Monitoring

24/7 Web-Based Security Tools

Enhanced Ransomware Detection & Monitoring

Discounted Analyst Services

Workforce Education Services

Cyber Exercises
(Regional / State / National / International)

The Information Sharing & Analysis Center (ISAC) for the Global Maritime Transportation
Critical Infrastructure since 2016.

International Headquarters

Global Situational Awareness Center
NASA/Kennedy Space Center, FL


The International Association
of Certified ISAOs (IACI)

The Trusted International Association
the "Center-of-Gravity"
for the global community to advance
security resilience by accelerating
threat intelligence and defensive measures information sharing and response.

IACI, a non-profit organization
enables security resilience by
facilitating a national and international
public- and private-sector nexus,,
led by the private-sector working in
coordination and collaboration with government (DHS, Federal/State/Local/Tribal/ Territorial Government) and International Stakeholders.

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