MPS-ISAO Announces Leadership Advisory Board


The Maritime and Port Security Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (MPS-ISAO), a private sector, non-profit advancing global maritime and port critical infrastructure cyber resilience via sharing of cyber threat intelligence and coordinated response, announced their 2018 Leadership Advisory Board today. MPS-ISAO Advisors have been recruited to support three distinct strategic priorities – Defending Cyberspace, Enabling Operations, and Protecting Infrastructure.

As the ISAO for the nation’s maritime and port critical infrastructure, the MPS-ISAO provides a globally trusted and secure collaborative technology infrastructure to operationalize and sustain cyber resilience via greater information sharing of public and private sector and cross-sector threat intelligence and countermeasure solutions supported by coordinated response and adoption of best practice.

MPS-ISAO Advisors are well respected in the Maritime and Port Community as subject matter experts. In their role of advisor, they provide valuable insight to the ISAO, and have already contributed to the MPS-ISAO’s 2018 Operating Plan and several strategic initiatives.

2018 MPS-ISAO Leadership Advisory Board Members:

• Chris Carter, Information Security Analyst, Port of Vancouver USA
• Joe Coccia, Port Security Manager, Port Authority of New York & New Jersey
• David Cordell, CTO, Port of New Orleans
• Brian Cox, Director of Operations, Port of South Louisiana
• Mark Dubina, VP of Security, Port Tampa Bay
• John L. Esposito, VP Safety and Security, Ports America
• Wanda Gordon, Marine IT Solutions Architect, Crowley
• Maria Hope, Director of IT, Crowley
• Lester Millet III, Policy & Planning Director and Safety Risk Agency Manager, Port of South Louisiana
• Sean Plankey, Cyber Intelligence Advisor, BP Intelligence, Security & Crisis Management
• Darich Runyan, Sr. Director, Terminal Technology, Port of Virginia
• Andy Schwalb, CIO/CTO, Virgin Voyages
• David St. Pierre, Director of Seaport Security, Port Manatee
• Jason Welch, Director of Security, AUSTAL USA
• Chris Wolski, Head of Information Security, Perdue Farms

In addition to the Leadership Advisory Board, the following individuals will serve as Strategic Advisors to the MPSISAO in 2018:

• Scott Blough, Executive Director Center for Cyber Defense & Forensics, Tiffin University
• Desiree Carter, Executive VP and COO, SecureXperts, Inc.
• Michael Echols, CEO, International Association of Certified ISAOs, Formerly Dept. of Homeland Security
• Gary C. Kessler, Professor, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Gary Kessler Associates
• John Jorgensen, Director of Cybersecurity and Software, American Bureau of Shipping
• William Lusk, Program Manager, O.C.E.A.N.S. LLC
• Brant Mitchell, Director for Stephenson Disaster Management Institute, Louisiana State University
• Capt. David Nichols, USCG (Ret.), Maritime & Petroleum Consultant
• Randall Sandone, Executive Director for Critical Infrastructure Resilience Institute, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
• Jeffery Stutzman, Chief Intelligence Officer, Wapack Labs
• Darnell Washington, President and CEO, SecureXperts, Inc.

“We are so grateful to our Advisors”, offered Christy Coffey, MPS-ISAO Executive VP of Operations. “The depth and breadth of this group’s knowledge has already had an enormous impact on MPS-ISAO Operations. A few additional Advisors are expected in 2018 as the MPS-ISAO begins to broaden our understanding of Port and Maritime cybersecurity concerns – cyber insurance and law, the supply chain, and internationalization as examples. We value Advisor contributions and look forward to building from an already solid foundation.”

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