The Maritime and Port Security Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (MPS-ISAO), a private sector, non-profit organization advancing global maritime and port critical infrastructure cyber resilience via sharing of cyber threat intelligence and coordinated response, has reached their two-year Cybersecurity Intelligence and Information Sharing Services milestone. To meet 2020 growth and strategic objectives, the MPS-ISAO welcomes and announces additional Advisors and new staff.

As the ISAO for the nation’s maritime and port critical infrastructure, the MPS-ISAO provides a globally trusted and secure collaborative technology infrastructure to operationalize and sustain cyber resilience via greater information sharing of public- and private-sector and cross-sector threat intelligence and countermeasure solutions supported by coordinated response and adoption of best practice.

The MPS-ISAO welcomes Scott Dickerson as their Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). Scott brings over 20 years of combined government, private sector, and consulting experience to maritime cybersecurity and information sharing disciplines. He has served in leadership positions with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, and was a founding member of the United States Coast Guard Cyber Command before transitioning to private sector as a maritime cybersecurity consultant.

“We are thrilled to have Scott join our ISAO as the CSO”, offers Christy Coffey, MPS-ISAO Executive VP of Operations. “His unique combination of maritime and cybersecurity experience is a perfect fit to address strategic objectives and priorities which have emerged as a result of customer growth and diversity.”

Scott adds, “The MPS-ISAO has built a solid foundation and experienced impressive success with respect to customer information sharing and cybersecurity intelligence production. I look forward to working hands-on with customers, staff, and strategic partners to address previously unmet priorities, including the development of new programs and Services. In fact, the entire maritime industry will be able to benefit from future MPS-ISAO educational initiatives scheduled to roll out in the fourth quarter and the 2019 Maritime Cybersecurity Summit planned for December 10 – 11th in Walnut Creek, CA. We’ll continue to build on these strategic initiatives next year to help our customers and stakeholders enhance their critical infrastructure resiliency.”

MPS-ISAO Advisors are well respected in the Maritime and Port Community as subject matter experts. In their role of Advisor, they provide valuable insight to the ISAO. Three new organizations are committing Advisors for the 2019-2021 term:

Port Fourchon
• Maher Terminals
• Seaspan Ship Management

April Danos, Director of Homeland Security and Technology for Port Fourchon, and Laura Markham, Vice President of IT Operations for Maher Terminals, will be assisting the MPS-ISAO on new strategic initiatives representing ports and terminal operators respectively. Seaspan has agreed to assist the MPS-ISAO identify strategic partners in Canada to facilitate maritime-themed, bi-lateral information sharing.

“Advisors have made a big impact to MPS-ISAO Operations over the past two years ”, states Coffey. “They are recruited to bring their extensive and unique experience to the MPS-ISAO. We are grateful to all of our advisors who are committed to reducing cybersecurity risk across maritime critical infrastructure and understand the important role the MPS-ISAO and private sector information sharing plays.” A listing of current MPS-ISAO Advisors is available on the MPS-ISAO website at

The MPS-ISAO is a founding member of the International Association of Certified ISAOs (IACI). As an IACI member, the MPS-ISAO benefits from the leadership, guidance, and global intelligence infrastructure (IACINet) provided by IACI for Member ISAOs, their respective Members, and public- and private sector organizations – breaking down long-standing information sharing barriers and silos – reducing security risk.

About the Maritime and Port Security ISAO
The MPS-ISAO, a non-profit organization, headquartered at the Global Institute for Cyber Security Resilience (GICSR), Global Situational Awareness Center at NASA/Kennedy Space Center represents a strategic public- and private-sector collaborative partnership. Established to advance Maritime and Port cyber resilience, the MPS-ISAO provides a sustainable infrastructure for the Maritime and Port sector to recognize and defend cyberspace by coordinated real-time security situational awareness threat intelligence information sharing and response, adoption of best practice and workforce education. The MPS-ISAO is a Member of the International Association of Certified ISAOs (IACI).

The Maritime and Port Security Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (MPS-ISAO)
IACI-CERT, Global Situational Awareness Center
Center for Space Education
NASA/Kennedy Space Center, FL

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